A Wander Through Laureles

It was only a short Uber ride away to get to Laureles from El Poblado.  Laureles is an up-and-coming area of Medellin, fairly close to the city centre.

It’s known for being funky and edgy, and a hotspot for expats and travelers as well.

Also, if you have seen the season finale of Narcos season 2, you will know it as the area where Pablo Escobar was finally… taken down.

However, Laureles is garnishing a new reputation now. Coffee shops and clothing boutiques have sprung up.  You can find spas and a yoga studio… So it is not surprising that the circular-suburb is now trending.

Cafe Revolution

This cute expat cafe is not going to win any awards or start a revolution in coffee making, but it’s a cute spot.

And they have a good message.

Then it was time to stretch my legs.

I ended up at Primer Parque de Laureles.

Primer Parque de Laureles

It seems they have a bicycle rental system.  I saw quite a few people using it.

Time to head off again.  Walking towards the metro.

So many stunning flowers in Medellin. I love the bold colours.

Parroquia San Joaquin

Stumbled onto an art deco looking church.

Then back to Carrera 70, the main road towards the metro.

I finally reached the metro.  It is fantastic to have such a metro train system in Medellin, built over the top of the city.


Metro System in Medellin

It only opened in 2005, but has made a massive impact on helping the people of Medellin get around.

It’s really affordable too only COP$2,800 per ride (AUD$1.40). It was a fast and easy way to get to Poblado from Laureles.

Being up so high affords a great view of the city.

I had to change trains at San Antonio station, which was very straight forward. You can look down from the train platform as see the train line that runs towards Poblado and Envigado.

If you look down, you can see the busy streets next to San Antonio station.

You can also view the train line back to Laureles.

Once on the train heading towards Poblado, there is a fantastic city view in both directions.

Soon we were rolling up at Poblado Station.

Smooth visit to Laureles.

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