Chapinero, Coffee and Simon Bolivar Park

I heard there was another good coffee place in Bogota, called Bourbon Coffee Roasters. Luckily it was only 10-15 minutes walk north from where I was staying in Chapinero.

On the way, I spotted the Nuestra Senora de Lourdes Church.

And outside was a stunning photography exhibition.

Directly opposite was the church.

The interior was simple and elegant.

Heading further north up the road was more wonderful street art.

I felt lucky being able to see Bogota on such a sunny, clear day.

And suddenly, I saw it…

Bourbon Coffee Roasters

It was such a change in scene.  It felt like a hipster coffee place in Sydney. Bourbon Coffee Roasters was even better than Amor Perfecto… just melting in your mouth.

After the coffee, I explored this new part of Chapinero a little further. The buildings looked so old-worldly.

Haha. I wonder if this is really the distance to Sydney…

Suddenly I was hungry especially when I found a great vegetarian set menu at La Esquina Vegetariana for COP$12,000 (AUD$6.00).

La Esquina Vegetariana Restaurant

Such tasty food. Afterwards I was determined to visit Simon Bolivar Park, so I called an Uber.  It wasn’t too far, about 10-15 minutes, so it was only COP$6,900 to the park (AUD$3.45).

Simon Bolivar Central Park

It’s a huge greenspace in Bogota, it has an area of about 279 acres (1.13 km2). A lake with an area of over 27 acres (110,000 m2). It features over 11 miles (18 km) of pedestrian pathways and an acoustic shell-shaped area for concerts. Major concerts and festivals take place here.

It has many entrances.

I found a enormous bust of Sean Penn…

Which is a short walk to the lake area.

Plenty of families visit here for picnics.

There is a great view to the centre of Bogota from here.

The grass is so soft, it’s like lying on a mattress.

The lake seems to be a busy place, under the water too.

So many birds here as well.

You can queue up for a boat.

Even the picnic tables are art.

At the end of the lake are some stairs with a viewing platform.

With great views of the clouds rolling down off the mountains over the city.

Next it was time for a coffee, so I called an Uber to the nearest shopping centre.

Centro Comercial Gran Estacion

Only about 5 minutes drive away was a pretty big shopping centre.

Only Juan Valdez was available in terms of coffee, which is like the local Starbucks, but slightly better.

At least they had outdoor seats that afforded a great post-Christmas view of dusk over Bogota.

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