Chiang Mai: Saturday Wui Lai Market

There are many, many markets in Chiang Mai, all of various sizes.  Some especially for tourists and some targeted for locals.  One such market promoted to tourists is the Wui Lai Market, also called the Chiang Mai Gate Market, which is held on a Saturday night in the Old Town.

After hailing a songthaew for a 10 minute, 20THB ride, it was easy to get there.

My main purpose of going there was for dinner, of course.  And the market did not disappoint.  Food for every taste and budget…

20160702_203034 20160702_203140 20160702_203221 20160702_203418

I’m a big fan of squid takoyaki, and 50THB for 11 was a great deal:

20160702_203946 20160702_205339

And of course some dessert too. Roti is quite common in Thailand, and can either be salty with meat and vegetables, or sweet with banana, honey, or chocolate.  This stall was a sweet-only Roti stand, and a good deal at 35THB.

20160702_210449 20160702_210912

And last but not least. I ordered a Mushroom Coconut Lemongrass soup from the Vegetarian stall, and OMG, it was the best soup I’ve EVER had!


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