Good Coffee Shops in Paris

For those fresh coffee addicts and snobs out there, Paris now has some excellent options for your favourite brew.

It does come at a price though, as you can find old, dishwater espresso at many Parisian cafes for around EUR2, but for the good stuff you have to budget from EUR4 (AUD$5.85) to EUR5.50 (AUD$8) a cup.  And for an Aussie like me, that equals some of the most expensive cappuccinos in the world.

But such is the price you pay when you choose quality over quantity.  So I drank less coffee, but really good coffee.

Here are my pics:

Cafe Lomi

18 Adr.

Often packed out with long-stay laptop plebs, Lomi has delicious fresh coffee, and a roastery on site.

Flat White EUR4.50


La Caféothèque de Paris

4 Adr

With views of the Notre Dame Cathedral, and a roastery on site, this was my coffee spot of choice for the centre of Paris.

Flat White EUR5.50, Iced Brew (Shakerato) EUR4.50


Hardware Société Paris

18 Adr

Run by Aussies, based on their cafe in Melbourne, this is THE place to have coffee/ brunch/ etc if you are visiting the Sacre Coeur.

Flat White – EUR4.20


Ten Belles

10 Adr

When you visit the Canal Saint Martin in Paris 10, then you need to drop in on this small coffee bar and enjoy a delicious fresh brew.

Flat White EUR4


Melali Coffee Riders

18 Adr

A friendly barista and delicious fresh coffee make this small coffee shop and great stop if you are running around Paris 18, or heading to the Lamarck – Caulaincourt Metro

Cappuccino EUR4.50


That it.  That’s what I discovered. Enjoy the freshness.

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