London: Visiting Notting Hill

A stop in London is not complete with a little stop in Notting Hill and a quick wander through the Portobello Road Markets.  Not just because of Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, of course, but also because this is just a stunning part of London.



Accessible via Notting Hill Gate and Ladbroke Grove Tube Stations, the Portobello Road Markets offer something for everyone.  If you like street crepes, antiques, funky clothes, fresh fruits and vegetables for cheap, or touristic memorabilia crap then you will like this market.




Lunch on Portobello Road

By this point in London I was after some cheaper pub food.  Luckily there was a cute little pub just near the antique section called The Earl of Lonsdale.


My expectations of the food weren’t that high, so I was really surprised when the lasagna for GBP6.95 was delicious!


The House With The Blue Door

As I mentioned, a trip to Portobello Road is not complete without a little taste of Hollywood.  Of course, the Travel Book Shop never existed, and the house never really had a blue door, but it’s still fun…



Coffee Near Notting Hill

After some online searching, I discovered the coffee near Portbello was not well liked or reviewed.  The nearest “ok” coffee was at Ladbroke Grove Tube Station.

My expectations were low, and then I actually really liked the coffee.  It was a hole in the wall called Camden Coffee House.


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