Loving Miami and Catching Up With Betsy

I was super-chuffed that one of my best friends was coming down to Miami for a visit all the way from Minnesota.  This is some of what we got up to…

Frito Taco

Pretty good tacos…


Followed by ice-cream and a sit on the beach at North Beach. Then a quiet stroll back to the car…


South Beach

It’s a tourists dream and is the stuff that movies and tv are made of.  Of course it’s completely a tourist trap and one should never actually eat from a restaurant along the strip, but when in Rome…



Starbucks Coffee

And when in need of caffeine, it may not be the best, but it’s good enough.

20161112_110658Then it’s time to get back on the beach.

South Beach – Miami Beach



Where Betsy showed that she has clearly never seen a beach before…


Eastside Pizza

Then for dinner, who can resist garlic bread, followed by massive American pizza?


Cream Parlor

And top off the evening with some rum and raisin…


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