Moonshine Coffee and Da’an District on a Sunday

Being Sunday, I was keen to relax and do as little as possible. It’s a nice idea to work in a foreign city, and think you will have energy to run around and sight-see on weekends, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen.

Again I decided to catch the bus. This time heading to a coffee shop in the Da’an District.

The streets were quiet due to being so early on a Sunday.

Moonshine Coffee Atelier

Another adorable, third wave coffee house, inspired by the owner’s Aussie influences from living in Melbourne.

The coffee was really good.

And they had some small delicious cakes too.

I was so taken with the design in this place, I bought a coffee cup ceramic mat.

Sufficiently caffeinated, I headed off to explore this district.

Some of the streets reminded me of when I was in Albania.

I wandered around long enough to work up an appetite. I discovered a little local restaurant open earlier than the others, so I had some brunch.

The stir fried vegetables topped with an egg was delicious.

Time to get the bus back.

And I could not resist another bubble tea at Near Guanghua Digital Plaza.

Time to walk back.

Guanghua Digital Plaza

It was sooooo unbelievably hot.

I really wanted to walk though, rather than take an Uber. I definitely see more when I walk.

Soon I was back at Yitong Park.

After spending the afternoon out of the sun, I headed out for dinner. Wanting a break from Asian food, I opted for a pizza from Mita Pasta.

It was a chilled day. Perfect for a Sunday.

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