Phuket: A Little Adventure to Old Town

Ok. Phuket wasn’t exactly what I was expecting.  “Cattle Tourism” is in full swing here big time, and it’s put me off going to the other small islands.  Also the low season, with frequent rain and slightly rougher seas (allegedly) put me off as well.  So after my morning coffee at Pal Coffee, it was time to head to town – Phuket Town.

Transport around Phuket

If you haven’t already heard, public transport in Phuket is terrible.  The taxis and tuk tuks have a strangle-hold over the council, charging tourists very high prices, and keeping services like Uber away.

There is a public bus service, which has been designed to go from the beaches TO Phuket Town and back.  The bus does not go in-between beaches, which is a shame.

Anyhow, I was lucky enough to get the public bus into town.  The bus driver explained though, because I was a foreigner, I had to pay 60THB (AUD$2.29) instead of the usual 40THB (AUD$1.52).  This turned out to be a lie.  Either way, considering a taxi or tuk tuk would have cost up to 1,000THB (AUD$38.10) one way, I still thought it was a good deal.


The bus has no windows, and no air con but the breeze as we chugged along was ok, and I actually enjoyed my cheap tour to the other side of the island, which took 1 hour and 1o minutes from Kamala Beach.


Phuket Old Town

I am glad I came to visit Old Town.  It is historical, colonial-looking, and a different perspective of Phuket.

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Lunch in Phuket Old Town

Once spotting where the locals were eating, it was clear where the cheapest and best food was…

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More Walking Around Phuket Old Town

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I was asked a few times, where I was going, did I want to go to the markets?  These questions are odd when you just want to wander with no destination.

I finally decided on a destination…. coffee!!

Macchiato House Phuket

The online reviews for this place were pretty good and the coffee didn’t disappoint.  It was a  funky coffee shop, with a few sweet treats, comfy seats and realiable WIFI.

I would come back here.

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Then it was time to head back.

Bus to Kamala Beach

The last bus goes to Kamala Beach from Ranong Street at 18.10 but I decided not to wait until the last bus.  This time I just jumped on and didn’t say anything.


Funny, when I got back, the fare was just 40THB.

Still a cheap, exciting and fun self-guided tour of Phuket Town.

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