Remote Working and Coffee in Taipei

I must admit, I was excited to be in Taipei. It was a place that I had never really heard about. But I was keen to find out what it was like to live and work there.

For the time being, I needed to get work done. I had a coworking space in mind, and a coffee place to try first.

The hotel, Green World Hotel Jianpei Suites, was a beautiful hotel. Very arty, and spacious. And the room was as big as an apartment.

It was located in the Zhongshan District, which is modern and business-oriented.

It looked rainy outside, and luckily the hotel provided complimentary umbrellas for guests to use. I headed towards the coffee shop.

I walked across Nanjing East Road.

The city impressed me. It was modern and clean. There was an abundance of affordable public transport, and everything looked so organised.

It was only 5 minutes walk to Phoenix Coffee.

Pheonix Coffee

It was a hip little coffee shop, with a clear passion for third wave coffee.

It was empty, and had so much seating, that I didn’t feel the need to continue to the coworking space. Instead I decided to just work in the cafe.

I headed out at lunchtime to find some food. The sun had come out.

The city was humid, and felt very tropical.

After lunch, I looked for coffee number two.

Coffee Moon

This place was almost a hole-in-the-wall. Clearly the Taiwanese are very enthusiastic about coffee.

They even had a roasting machine next to the entrance. The coffee was amazing! One of the best coffees I’ve ever had. They even offered flavoured coffees. I’m not usually a fan of adding flavour to coffee, but these blew me away! Honey Cinnamon, and Salted Caramel.

As in many asian countries, the street food is fresh and delicious.

I got some more work done, before heading out for dinner. I found a little Vietnamese place.

Sometimes, you just need Pho.

Time to head back to the hotel.

There is something quirky and cute about this place.

However, there was a small warning notice for me when I got back to the hotel. The next day could be wet and windy…

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