Riga Offers A Great Experience for Travelers

As a traveler, I found Riga to be an exceptional place to visit.  When you visit so many cities, you can get a “feeling” pretty quickly whether your experience there will go smoothly and be enjoyable.

Just so many little things made Riga great to visit on a budget, and amazing value.

Getting Around

As I mentioned before, getting around Riga using public transport was pretty straight forward.  You could buy a trip for EUR1.15 from any Naversen kiosk around the city, and you could choose as many trips as you would like to be loaded onto the card.

Then you just jump on any bus/ tram and tap on.


Free Wifi

It’s important to stay connected, and Riga has gone out of its way to achieve that.

There is free wifi everywhere in the city centre!  Most coffee shops,restaurants and shopping centers have it.  And there is even wifi on the street at most bus stops.

I’ve never visited a city with such pro-active wifi before.


Print Shop – Copy Pro

As a traveler, sometimes you have to print things – boarding passes, bus tickets, and this can get tricky.

I was very happy to find Copy Pro next to the University.  It was well set up, DIY, and only EUR0.09 to print bus tickets.

This certainly beats the AUD$9 I paid in London to print a few pages.


Spice Shopping Centre

About 25 minutes on the bus out of the centre, is the modern and funky Spice Shopping Centre.

It had the usual suspects – H&M, Zara, etc…


It also had a great restaurant called Lido.

It was a help-yourself type restaurant with great food choices.


Daugava River

The Daugava River cuts Riga in half, and is wonderful for going for a walk alongside.


Then as you head back to the Old Town, the subway has some great street art.


What a great city.  I could happily stay here for a while.

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