Seafood For Breakfast – Cancun’s Sunday Market

Ok, at this point, I’m not sure how I traveled without Susie and Alfonso.  They were heading to a massive Sunday market on the outskirts of Cancun and I was super excited to go along.

Cancun Sunday Market

We were pretty early, so many vendors were still setting up.  At least it wasn’t that hot yet.

There were so many weird and wonderful items for sale.

And it was a great place to get cheap lemons.

I’m not sure how one would try on the clothing.

A big variety of plants as well.

I loved the street art on the local school.

There were a lot of food options.

I’ve never seen fishnets on a mannequin in a Sunday Market before… too funny.

There were local art sculptures for sale as well.

The fruit and vegetables looked amazing.

As well as the fixed vendors, there were also mobile vendors.


It was time to get some breakfast.  So I grabbed a locally made juice.

There was a huge seafood stall, and when I saw Seafood Soup, I couldn’t think of anything else better to have for breakfast.

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