Spending time as a Local in Edinburgh

Don’t freak out.  I didn’t go to Edinburgh Castle.  I didn’t go to Arthur’s Seat.  Yes, I did go to Princes Street, but it was kinda accidental as I was looking to replace some clothing items and some really, really good coffee.

And I did discover one of the best breakfast cafes I’ve been to ever.

Walking to the cafe…


Piece Box Cafe Bar

Stumbled on this place by accident, and SO glad I did.  Amazing breakfast, amazing coffee, great price…


Next I walked into town…




Time for New Jeans

Anyone who has seen my carry-on packing list will know I am traveling light.  I currently have a semi-strict life rule, that if I buy an item of clothing, I need to throw away (or donate if still in great condition) the item I am replacing.

In the case of my grey jeans, they were not traveling well, and stretched from wear and washing to the point that they were not comfortable to wear.

So I figured that while I was in Edinburgh, I would see if I could replace them.  And luckily, Princes Street was full of cool jeans.

I surprised myself, finding a great high rise, stretchy, comfy skinny pair at New Look.


Finding Great Coffee

Next it was time for a fresh cup of coffee, and apparently good coffee is on Georges Street.


One place was very highly rated on the web, Wellington Coffee.


And it was as good as all the reviews say.

The staff were not particularly nice, but still worth it.


Also on Georges Street was another horse head sculpture.  These Kelpies are really a big part of Scottish…. mythology.  Kinda cool.

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