The Art, Beauty and Colour of the Streets of Porto

After my first mini-adventure on the streets of Porto, Portugal’s second largest city in the north of the country, I was keen to see more… and the city did not disappoint.

The buildings are so small and vibrant that they look like they are straight out of an old colourful painting.


The street art continued to be amazing, creative and full of life.


More colour and proud statues.


It was wondrous to find part of the old castle wall.


Parts of Porto can be quite hilly, so for those circumstances there is a tram. At this final tram stop, you can then descend to the funicular, I believe.


Or if you are feeling adventurous, you can walk down the stairs, between the buildings.


Once you reach the bottom, you are next to the river, and the famous double-storey Ponte de Luis Bridge.


And I think this cat sums up how nice it is to be in Porto.


Cars do drive across the bottom level, but there is also room for pedestrians.


Once you reach the other side, there are plenty of spots to sit and watch the sun go down.


Then you can walk back across, to the waterfront.


And up the hill, to see the lights come on at the São Bento Train Station.


And continue up the hill as the city bustles.


Finally ending up at the Igreja do Carmo.


Tiring day, but what a feast for the artistic senses.

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    • Hey Nick, yes, I have to recommend it. I’ve seen many cities, but it’s definitely my new favourite. Aren’t you due a holiday? 😉

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