The Carry On Only Shoes Dilemma

When you only have 7kg allowance you really do think before you buy anything.  Shoes is a tough one, especially for me, as I’ve always had temperamental feet.  This means no flip flops, and no ballet flats. Yikes!  It also means avoiding crocs and skechers and similar shoes with rubber and/or memory foam.

So I had to make a hard call, and choose 2 pairs of good shoes to travel with.  Because the downside of wearing comfortable and supportive shoes is that they tend to be heavy.

I know there is experimentation now with supportive ultra-lightweight shoes, but this is far from the norm on the market.

My Mephisto Walking Shoes

As long as you are not going hiking, a reliable walking shoe will do, and my go-to shoe is from Mephisto.

I have found these shoes to be extremely supportive, and they fit my orthotic.

mephisto shoes

They are also quite heavy, so they must be worn when flying and not packed.

Walking Sandals

It was a very tough decision choosing walking sandals to take.  Ultimately I chose the sandals I had been wearing when walking the most, but also didn’t weigh very much.  I chose my Earth Sandals.

But after a month of walking in these, a realised I need more support.

Clarks Sale

Clarks shoes are a bit of a mixed bag.  Some of their shoes are amazing, with great support, and some are terrible with no support.  So there is no blanket rule with Clarks.

Luckily Clarks is having their summer sale, and I was lucky enough to stumble onto the Tri Ariana black sandal….


These have strong, high arch support and are called a fancy marketing term like “Trigenic”.

Sadly, this does mean though that my Earth Sandals will have to go…

Phew! Living with less is really hard.

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