Transit: Chiang Mai to Phuket

Like getting to Chiang Mai from Bangkok, getting to Phuket from Chiang Mai was super easy as well, courtesy of Air Asia.

The taxi was ordered through the “Grab” app, which was seamless enough, and a lot like the Uber app.  Although in hindsight, a lot of songthaews seem to go to the airport, so this might have been a cheaper option.  Still 130THB (AUD$4.95) including 50THB airport fee seemed like a good enough deal.

From flying Air Asia in Thailand, my biggest gripe/ request would be for Air Asia to PLEASE allow travelers to print their boarding passes from those very expensive looking self-serve machines in front of the check in counters.  Queuing for 1/2 hour, when you have no bags to check, just to get a boarding pass seems counter intuitive.

Anyhow, on another note, eat BEFORE you go to Chiang Mai airport.  Of course, food is of a mostly poor standard (Burger King/ Maccas) and airport prices.

The flight was delayed 45 minutes, but no biggie.

20160703_135040 20160703_143205

After a very BUMPY take off, landing in Phuket 2 hours later was smooth.  And luckily due to it being a domestic flight, getting off the plane and out the front door only took minutes.

Welcome to Phuket

There was a desk just outside saying Taxi Meter, so I ordered a taxi.  They also have a 100THB (AUD$3.80) airport surcharge.


It was only about 45 minutes to Kamala Beach, and the final bill was 492THB + 100THB = 592THB (AUD$22.50).  These are more like Bangkok prices.

Arriving in Kamala Beach

Well, it looks very quiet, with A LOT less food options than Chiang Mai, but strangely a lot more massage options!  It feel much less authentic, and a lot more touristic.

At least I can say, the accommodation is stunning and comfortable at AUD$35/night, AND 5 minutes walk to the beach. Perfect.

20160703_180744 20160703_180130

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