Transit: Flying from Oslo to Riga

One thing I didn’t expect, was that the cost of the one-way bus to the Rygge Airport in Oslo, Norway, would be the same price as the flight with Ryan Air to Riga, Latvia.  AUD$25.  So I was cheering about the flight, and frowning about the bus.

Still it was a relatively cheap way to get to Latvia.

Oslo Bus Terminal

Luckily I was only about 10 minutes walk from the Bus Station.  This was a strategic decision to make my departure (and arrival) as easy as possible.

The Bus Station, next to the Train Station and Oslo City downtown is pretty big, but well organised and easy to find your way around.


There was only 1 Bus I could find to Rygge Airport, so it was a bit of a monopoly, and it was running slightly behind schedule.  At least it was well timed to sync with the departing Ryan Air flight to Riga.


The coach seats were crazy small – narrow and short – so sitting was very uncomfortable, but it did the job it was meant to do for one hour.


The journey was a little bit scenic, heading down the E6, and we made a few stops along the way to collect additional passengers.


A lot of travelers also get the train to the airport for a similar price, but the train station does not stop AT the airport so they need a free shuttle bus. It’s a small extra hassle, so I opted for the bus.


Arriving at Rygge Oslo Airport

It was a smooth journey and we arrived on time.


Similar to Glasgow Prestwick, the airport felt a little similar to Gold Coast airport.  The check-in counter was empty so the “visa check” with Ryan Air was very fast.


Then it was time to head up to Departures.


Delays, Delays

I read that Ryan Air is famous for delays.  I found that odd because the 2 flights I’ve taken with Ryan Air have been right on time.  So I guess I was due for a delayed flight.

We were delayed 1 hour and 10 minutes, which was manageable enough.  The waiting area was comfortable enough to chill until we were called to board.

And I was lucky enough to be serenaded by Norwegian choir.


It was a bit of a wet walk to the plane…


But soon we were all on board.


And it was time to say goodbye to Oslo.


The flight was very smooth with no turbulence which I like, and soon (1 hour and 10 minutes) we were about to land in Riga, Latvia.

I was happy to see all that blue sky and sunshine!



Welcome to Riga

Very different to arriving in Oslo, it was a warm welcome for visitors in Riga, Latvia’s Capital.  There was plenty of information for travelers and they even had a helpful little office at the exit.

Note: Buy your bus ticket from this office instead of on the bus.  The one way ticket to the centre is EUR1.15 (or EUR2 if you pay on the bus).  And buy multiple trips if you know you will be getting the bus/ tram more than once.  They can load 2,4,6, 10 or 20 trips onto 1 card at EUR1.15 a trip.


Finding the bus was also very easy, just a couple of minutes walk from the terminal.


Oddly, it was smaller than a regular bus.


Downtown Riga

It was about 25 minutes ride before we arrived at the main Central Station in Riga City Centre.


Another very smooth transit.  And I really had a great first impression of Riga.

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