Transit: Lux Express Bus Vilnius to Warsaw

I knew that a lot of bus travel was going to be very trying, but I decided to give it a go anyway.  My first Lux Express trip had been pretty good, so I was optimistic about my second trip.

It was only EUR6.80 (AUD$10) for the ticket, which I thought was a good deal.

Walking through Central Station, I saw a cute model of Central Station and the bus station…


The Lux Express Bus was pretty much on time again.


Boarding was smooth, and soon we were heading out of Vilnius.


And it wasn’t long before the weather improved.


Our first stop, was Lithuania’s second city, Kaunas.  We picked up a few more passengers.


And passing over the Polish border was a blink-and-youll-miss-it scenario.

Then Poland’s countryside was crazy beautiful.


We stopped again at Suwalki, and the bus driver told us that we were behind schedule, and he would be dropping us off at Marymont Metro Station.  They also gave all the Warsaw customers a metro ticket so that they could get to the centre for free.

No big deal, although some customers were a bit upset that we wouldn’t be going to Central.

As we continued on, the scenery was enjoyable to watch.


Our clocks were also turned back 1 hour, and we arrived at Warsaw Marymont around 6pm.  It was a long 8.5 hour ride.



I then headed to Centrum.  It was pretty quick on the metro and seamless.


And heading up to the street out of the metro, and I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw.


Welcome to Warsaw.

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