What to Eat in Alicante Spain

It is very easy to fall into the rhythm of Spain, including their meal times (very late) and tasty breakfasts – full of variety and not cereals!  Eating on a balcony with a view certainly helps get with the rhythm too.

Food in Spain is fresh and tasty.  Here’s what I recommend you eat on your trip to Alicante.

Breakfast (or any time of the day):

  • Fresh fruit – amazing varieties in Summer, and the taste is brilliant – apples, plums, apricots
  • Eggs
  • Vegetables Tomatoes, cucumber and olives. The range of olives in Spain is phenominal and the taste is brilliant.
  • Cheese – a full selection of cheeses at very good prices are available – Brie, Camembert, Edam and Emmental, just to name a few
  • Bread – also fresh and no preservatives… which is why it only lasts 1 day! (as it should)



It turns out that the Spanish only eat Paella for lunch, and it is not the type of dish you have for dinner!  This was news to me.

My air bnb host told me, if you find Paella at dinner, it will be with tourist prices and usually not very good.

I found a small, family run restaurant and their homemade vegetarian paella was delicious!


You can also find many baguette sandwiches in Alicante, which can come with a drink as a meal-deal, or part of a bigger meal deal with salad and coffee.


Farmer’s Cafe Alicante



Not just for tourists, pizza is quite common in Spain.  But real pizza, not just the Dominoes variety that many of the locals really dislike.


Restaurante Pizzeria Caruso

Usually if you look for where the locals are eating, you will find affordable, tasty food out.

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