2019 Remote Work Winter Escape to Asia

Making distance obsolete. Imagine that. Imagine a world that your physical location doesn’t really matter or doesn’t impact your ability to work.

This is the world I believe in.

I have been testing this theory since 2007, and it feels truer than ever in 2019. Luckily, I am finding more and more Aussie companies, who believe the same. Last year I went to Spain and the UK while working from the road for the Langley Group. This year, I am doing it while working for Redback Connect.

Why do I want to work from any location?

I took a sabbatical in 2016-17 where I travelled 22 countries in 10 months. Towards the 8th month, I really missed working. I am one of those freaks who loves what I do. I love marketing. So while the travelling fed my wanderlust, I really missed the purpose that comes with executing my vocation.

I have long believed that I could have both – travel and marketing – and I feel closer than I ever have before.

Working from another location, whether in Australia, or on the other side of the planet, stimulates my creativity. I get inspired. I get ideas. I see marketing tips and tricks I can borrow that I never would have seen just working from an office.

It is difficult to explain. Yet now I have seen what it’s like, I crave it.

Secondly, everyone that knows me, knows that I am not a fan of winter. I am a summer-bunny. I crave sunlight and heat. Even sweaty stifling heat. I would choose it over winter any day. So working remotely enables me to fly north, when the south gets chilly.

Isn’t it hard working remotely from another country?

There are some core things necessary to work in any country. I need a laptop (obviously), good wifi, a desk and chair, great coffee, and opportunities for me to mingle with others (thank you co-working spaces), and get some quiet time to focus and deliver (thank you coffee shops).

I need supportive organisation leadership and management who are open to trying new ways of working, and trust their team to get done what needs to get done.

I also need systems and processes so I can still work closely with my existing team. This means pre-agreed frequent meeting/ talking/ videoing/ catch up times that sync with both timezones. And I must have software to enable collaboration – a shared filing system, and chat tools – like Slack or Teams.

Without these 3 things, working remotely would never work. Luckily, I have all these things, and it works seamlessly!

The location-independent future is bright

Attitudes to remote working and location independence are changing. We have the technology now that means we no longer need to be at our desks from 9-5 or cornered in our cubicles 5 days a week.

I’m not sure 100% remote is the solution, as there is still huge benefits in getting together, face-to-face with your team and talking shit every once in a while. But I do believe a hybrid solution exists, and I will keep exploring this new world.

If it keeps inspiring my creativity, while improving my productivity, then there are no downsides.

So in-keeping with my “carry-on only” philosophy…. here I go.

Last year was a European winter escape. This year, I’m back in Asia.

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