Beautiful Porto in Rain and Sunshine

My final day of exploring the city while spending a week in Porto, was just as much fun as the other 3 days.  But I wasn’t sure when I set out that it would be as good.

It was raining.  So my initial plan was to have a coffee and watch the rain.  But while drinking my coffee I remembered that I didn’t walk over the top of the Dom Luís I Bridge, and since the weather wasn’t the best, I thought it might be a good time to do it.

Even in the dark weather, walking past Praça da Liberdade looked beautiful.


And then a strange thing happened.  The clouds began to pass and there was blue sky and sunshine by the time I had walked up the hill to Porto Cathedral.

And the view back over the city was picture-perfect.


The Porto Cathedral is one of the most important tourist sights in Porto and a historical and architectural landmark of the city.  With parts dating back to the 12th Century, it has undergone major changes, with the current version completed in 1737.


Once reaching the top of the hill, it was a lovely view of the bridge up ahead.


The top of the bridge is very open, for pedestrians AND trams.


With a fantastic view down to the Old Town and streets below.


And a beautiful view of the river and waterfront.


Really well designed and laid out.


Looking down on the other side of the river are some amazing ruins. I’m not sure they are accessible though.

20161012_155526And once you cross over there is a cute park, and easy access to the tram to head back.


I know there is more to see in Porto, but for now, I am happy.

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