Christmas Eve – Tacos, Swimming and Coffee

I’m not sure why I didn’t visit the beach more, since it is a major draw card in Cancun.  Still I thought Christmas Eve would be the best time to finally go.

Tacos for Breakfast

To get the day started, it was a short stroll down the road for a popular pop-up taco stand.

We walked past one of the key trees from Mayan mythology – the Ceiba tree. Also known as the tree of life. It looked so beautiful in the sun.

Then past the Ibis.

Across the road to the Taco stand.

It seemed to be quite popular for a Saturday morning. There were heaps of tasty options.

And then you add your preferred toppings.

Mmmmmmm. Delicious breakfast

Getting To The Hotel Zone

Next we hailed a cab to the main area where all the buses stop before heading to the Cancun Hotel Zone.

The bus was only MXN$10.50 per person.

The Hotel Zone is such a cheesy, touristy area.

It took about half an hour, and then we were at Playa Delfines (Dolphin Beach).

Playa Delfines

After jumping off the bus, we crossed the road, and it was a stunning sight.  I think this is what most people come to Cancun for.

There were a lot of information boards around to educate visitors on the local area and sealife. Great idea.

The beach was beautiful and reminded me of the Gold Coast in Australia.

We sat under a thatched umbrella for a while and enjoyed the atmosphere.

Then it was time to head up and catch the bus.

We decided to head for a coffee at Ah Cacao which was only 10 minutes away on the bus.  The hotel district in Cancun looks like a completely different world to the rest of the area.  It looks like Florida.

We got off the bus at La Isla Shopping Village.

La Isla Shopping Village

As always, Ah Cacao delivered a very nice coffee.

And Susie was a big fan of the spicy hot chocolate.

The shopping village overlooks the lake between the hotel district and the downtown.

This place reminded me of Harbourtown on the Gold Coast.

And there were plenty of souvenirs.

I really liked the Christmas decorations.

It was a great, laid back atmosphere.

I love the colour and quirkiness of the Mexican culture.

Somehow, I was thinking of Jack Black when I saw this.

It was time to head back downtown, and start preparing Christmas dinner.

Luckily the bus number 12 was a door to door service.

This was my Christmas Day for 2016 – great weather, great friends and great fun.

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