Finding Vegetarian Food in Poblado Medellin

I like vegetarian food.  I don’t subscribe to being a “vegetarian” as I follow one simple rule in my diet – if I eat it, and my body feels good, I’ll keep eating it.

This also helped me discover the difference between real bread (that goes stale in 1 day) and fake bread (that lasts for days or weeks), and real milk (entera/ full cream/ less processed) and fake milk (skim/ lactose-free/ etc..).

I try and eat as less processed as possible. Makes sense to me. So I was on the lookout for good food in Poblado in Medellin, and I found some.

Where To Eat Vegetarian in Poblado

Lenteja Express

On Carrera 35, I visited Lenteja Express a few times. The first time, I had the vegetarian lasagne.  It was one of the best veggie lasagne’s I’ve had (COP$14,000).

The view was nice as well.

Crepes and Waffles

Okay, this isn’t normally the type of place you would find tasty vegetarian food, but after looking at the menu I realised they had a lot of vegetarian options.

On Carrera 26, Crepes and Waffles is actually a chain of restaurants throughout Colombia.

The pumpkin soup, with pesto and goats cheese was actually delicious. The kale salad was good too. The portions were a bit small thought.

Veg Station

This was an awesome place to eat. They were only open for lunch and had set menus. It’s located on the main road, Calle 10.

The set menu was COP$11,500 and included a soup, meal, drink and dessert. It was amazing value.

I also tried their vegetarian lasagne, which was quite nice, but not as good as Lenteja Express.

Dharma Vegan Resto and Cafe

Near Parque El Poblado, on Carrera 43b is another vegetarian cafe offering a set menu.

For COP$12,000 the set menu was tasty, but the portions were small so I was a little bit hungry afterwards.

Marietta Vegetarian Restaurant

Also on Carrera 35, opposite Lenteja Express, this place offers a set menu Monday to Friday for COP$12,000.

So that’s it. Great vegetarian food that’s affordable in Poblado, Medellin.

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