Transit: Flying American Airlines Puerto Vallarta to Los Angeles

I wasn’t planning on flying American Airlines again after the debacle last April, when they accidentally canceled my flight from LA to Sydney and treated me so badly at LAX.

However, after charging me a re-booking fee, they did finally apologise and refund the fee.  So I thought I would give them another chance.  Plus they had a great airfare from PV to LAX for only AUD$230 one way.

Leaving Puerto Vallarta

With no Uber in town, and no official bus lines, I wasn’t entirely sure how I was going to get to the airport from my Airbnb in Las Aralias.  I knew there were taxis around, but I never catch taxis unless I can help it.  On this occasion, I had no choice.

After lunch at Macai, I waved down a taxi and asked the price to the airport.  MXP120 seemed ok, especially after I had paid MXP260 to come from the airport.

So it ended up being easier than expected, and soon I was on my way.

Such a beautiful warm day to be leaving…

It was a smooth 20 minute drive to the airport.

Puerto Vallarta International Airport

It seemed to be crazy busy with heaps of flights arriving and departing.  I think the airport may be too small for the town.

I had already checked in and downloaded the QR code boarding pass, so I headed up to go through security.

I really felt like a cold drink, so I headed into Starbucks. I was going to get coffee, but I’m trying not to drink coffee just before I fly now.  All of a sudden I have become a nervous flyer, which doesn’t make sense.

After nearly 40 years in the past 12 months, one would think I wouldn’t notice flying now.

I headed to the gate, and saw the bus parked outside.

Boarding was right on time.

Soon, we were in the air.

The timeshares were fading away behind us.

It was a full plane, and it was pretty cosy. At least we had screens.

It was only 2.5 hours flight to LAX.

I always know I’m landing in LA when I see freeways.

LAX International Airport

With the machines installed, getting through Customs was fast.

Then it was time to pick up the rental.  It was definitely chilly outside.  The Mexican heat was far behind me.  They have a bus area just outside that takes people to the car rental building.

It’s a 10 minute bus ride.

Alamo Car Rental

I’ve always liked Alamo.  Their prices are good and their service is fast.  Just excellent.

A few taps on the machine, and I had the rental agreement, and it’s time to collect the car.  You just go to the area of your car size and pick the one you want – brilliant.

Time to head to the Airbnb.

It was 30 minutes in traffic to the Airbnb in Inglewood.  The host’s son showed me around, and then it was time to get some dinner.

Downtown LA was about 25 minutes drive, so I headed to my favourite…

I love their fresh kale and white bean soup. Mmmmmmm.

It was wonderful to see downtown Los Angeles at night time.  I had never been downtown before.  It was clean and quiet.

What a strange day. PV to LA.

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