Transit: Flying from Barcelona to Hamburg

The airport in Barcelona is very handy, as it is on the metro line.  It takes slightly longer than the main train, or express bus, but I found it to be the smoothest ride from Sagrada Familia.

Also, there was only one train swap required, and for only EUR4.50 to get to the airport, it was a bargain.


It was about a 5 minute walk from the metro, to the Barcelona airport Terminal 2, down a very trippy overpass.


The terminal was not very busy.  Although I checked in online, and Norwegian Air have mobile phone boarding passes, I wanted to see if it was possible to print out a boarding pass just in case.

OMG, it was super easy from their machine!  I could think of heaps of airlines that SHOULD do this! Soooo easy, simple and fast.


Flying with Norwegian Air

I had never flown with Norwegian Air, but since they had a great airfare for EUR50 I thought I would try them.

I was impressed.  Firstly the boarding pass printing…. excellent.  Secondly, it was the smoothest boarding I’d ever seen.  They allowed the rear of the plane to board first.  Brilliant!  There were 2 queues at the boarding gate.  One for the first half of the plane, and one for the second half of the plane.

I was so impressed, as it worked so well.


It was mostly a smooth flight, and the view over the Alps was incredible.


Landing into Hamburg, clearly the weather was going to be colder and wetter than the weather we left behind in Barcelona.


Welcome to Hamburg, Germany

It was a smooth arrival into Hamburg.  Strangely, there was no immigration, so we walked straight into the terminal.

Finding the train was very easy, but the ticket system in Hamburg is VERY confusing.  I don’t even think the locals understand it.

Anyhow, I bought a one way ticket for EUR3.20, which I figured was my safest bet.

20160811_120540 20160811_121142

The train system is definitely very efficient, and I am looking forward to my few days in Hamburg.


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