Transit: London to Edinburgh via Stansted

In hindsight, I might have looked for flights into Edinburgh instead of Glasgow, but it all still worked out ok.  It was a mostly smooth and entertaining.

First small issue was major delays and cancellations from Crystal Palace to Victoria Train Station.  It ended up being a bit squashy, but I made it to Victoria Coach Station on time (6 mins walk from the train station/ 2 blocks).


The Easy Bus I had booked to Stansted was only GBP10.95.  Also it offered a beautiful tour of London, going past Big Ben, over London Bridge and past the Tower of London.


We also arrived at Stansted Airport early taking only 1 hour and 25 mins to arrive.

Stansted Airport


Ok. I get it. Stansted is mostly an international airport so security is a bit fussy.  But OMG I have NEVER been through such crazy security.  They opened MOST people’s suitcases and bags, and swiped them with cloths, and they re-bagged my “liquids” and took them away for separate scanning.  It really was extreme and felt more silly than ever before.  It made me miss TSA.

After my “shake down” and coffee, it was practically time to board.  The coffee at Stansted was ok, much better than Pret a Manger coffee.

Ryan Air

I cannot remember flying Ryan Air before when I was last in Europe, and I heard some scary stories so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I was pleasantly surprised!  The staff were helpful and kind.  The plane left slightly late by arrived on time.


Based on this experience I would be happy to fly Ryan Air again.


Glasgow Airport

There were many turns during the flight, and a bit of a “clunk!” on the tarmac, but we arrived safely at the back of the Glasgow Airport in a terminal that felt like a shed.  There were many steps and turns to get into the real terminal but not too complex.

It was pretty cool that a public bus was waiting at the exit door, which made for a smooth transition into Glasgow city (GBP7 one way or GBP9 return).  The bus driver was friendly and helpful and made sure we knew when we were at Queen Street Train Station.


Train from Glasgow to Edinburgh

Trains go from Queen Street Train Station a lot and cost only GBP12.50 one way.  The journey is slightly over 1 hour, but very scenic and takes you into the heart of Edinburgh.


Arriving in Edinburgh

It is truly a wonder to arrive in the middle of Edinburgh.  Especially on one of their sunniest, hottest days ever.

I never tire of looking at the castle.  It projects a majestic and powerful presence.


After checking into the backpackers (yes, it’s been a long time since I stayed at a backpackers), I couldn’t wait to go for a walk.

Edinburgh is better than I remembered.



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