Transit: Polski Bus from Warsaw to Wroclaw

After my slightly disappointing Lux Express to Warsaw, I was keen to try another company.  Luckily, Poland has their affordable and comfortable-looking Polskibus.

For only PLN25.50 (AUD$8.65) I could take their deluxe bus from Warsaw to Wroclaw, with pre-booked seats up the front.

First, Coffee

Yes Nick, I always try to grab one before I travel.  With my coffee disappointments in Warsaw, I did the unthinkable, I went to Costa Coffee.


and it was bad, but not as bad as the other coffees I’d had.

Getting to the Bus Station


Polski Bus office and bus station is a short ride from the Warsaw city centre (15 mins and PLN3.40: AUD$1.15), so I had to take the metro to Młociny.


It wasn’t very clearly signposted, but I did find their booth and work out where to wait.

The best thing about buses, is you have to rock up 15 minutes before you depart.  This makes travel so much easier than flying.

It wasn’t long before the double-decker rocked up.


The seat up the front was great.


It was a smooth journey to Wroclaw and since this was an express bus we didn’t make any official stops along the way.

The fast WIFI enabled me to get some blogging done…


And again I was reminded how far behind Australia is in renewable energy.


It was about 4 hours to get to Wroclaw, and again I enjoyed the scenery of the Polish countryside.


Arriving in Wroclaw


Wroclaw looked like a great town as we headed into the centre.


It was clear when we arrived that the current bus station is – under construction.  What used to be a parking lot, is now being constructed into a mammoth bus/ shopping transit centre.


The hotel (yes, I booked a hotel as it was the same price as Airbnb), was only 15 minutes walk from the “station” so the journey was pretty seamless.


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