Transit: Polski Bus from Wroclaw to Prague

Since the first Polski Bus was really good, I was hoping the second bus would be really good too.  It was…. ok.

No allocated seats, but that was fine, as the bus was half full.  No WIFI, bit of a bummer after having it on every other bus.  No screens like the Lux Express, but for only PLN40.50 (AUD$13.85) it was still pretty good value.

Leaving Wroclaw

Just like arriving, leaving was fairly easy too.  I just walked the 15 minutes from the hotel to the bus station area, and the information office there was helpful to direct people to their buses.


The bus left on time, and I enjoyed my view from the front of the bus again. It was raining as we left…


But soon we were out on the open road.

20160905_133957With more great views of the countryside.  I also met a fellow traveler called Calvin. He was from New Zealand and was a runner up of the Young Farmer of the Year competition there.



There was a truck accident, and some heavy traffic, so it was over 4 hours getting to Prague.


Luckily Prague didn’t have too much traffic at the time.

20160905_173329And soon we were arriving at the main bus station.


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  1. No photo with Calvin? You have no right to tease the reader about meeting the Young Farmer of the Year runner-up and then not deliver a pic.

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