Walking to the Las Glorias Beach and Grabbing a Coffee

It was time to see some of the area on foot.  I was about 25-30 minutes walk to the beach, and I was sure I could find a reasonable coffee place on the way.

It was a beautiful day outside.

For breakfast I decided to try a little cafe around the corner called Macai. They were a vegetarian place and the juices and food looked good.


They had plenty of tables and it was a cute place to blog.

They also had these little protein hotcakes which were amazing.

Next I headed towards the beach.  It was hotter than I expected, and not a lot of shady places. I wish I’d brought my hat.

The beach area was quite nice. Very touristy.

Puerto Vallarta Beach

The beach was beautiful, but I had a bit of a chill, so I didn’t think to go swimming.

Not to far from the beach was a sweet looking cafe/ restaurant.

Natureza Restaurante

Their coffee did make me smile.

…even though it wasn’t very good.  However the brownie was out of this world.  I’ll go on a diet next week.

I snapped a pic of the restaurant outside.  I can see the whole area is going through renovation.  So many footpaths and streets being overhauled.  A sign of progress, no?

Then it was time to head back.  I can see why so many people like this place.

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