Finding Good Food and Coffee in Playa Del Carmen

I was pleasantly surprised with the food and drink options in PDC.  As I previously mentioned, the hipster, vegan, vegetarian crew have rolled into town and have some amazing food and drinks on offer.

These are a few places I tried:

Bio Organicos

Sort of a chain, there are a few of these in Playa del Carmen offering up a fantastic range of food and drinks. The best smoothies!

It was definitely the best pancakes I’ve had in my life.

And you can grab a kombucha to go…

Ah Cacao

I practically lived at Ah Cacao.  The coffee was better than average, the staff were amazing, the WIFI was good and the aircon was cool.

They also had some local offerings in terms of snack food.


Fantastic vegetarian burritos and nice drinks.  I was a regular here.


Loved this place.  Make your own salad! And the small was huge.

Las Hijas de la Tostada

This is the only restaurant on 5th Avenida I would go back to.  The cerviche was brilliant!

Marvin’s Burgers

This veggie burger place is such a good idea, in theory.  But the burger just wasn’t that good to warrant going back.

La Senda Vegana

This was one of my favourites.  Delicious vegan food at a great price and top service.  The zucchini noodles were perfect.


I have mixed feelings about Elemento.  The food was fantastic, but the coffee was so disgusting it was undrinkable.

Coffee Stop

I could see this hole in the wall was a popular coffee place, but sadly, the coffee was not good for me.  The service was lovely though.

El Curandero

Pretty good cerviche, and great service.


I was craving some Japanese food, but the high prices meant this restaurant was often empty. I tried it once.  It was okay, but not so good I would go back.


I have to mention this place, as a “do not go” place.  The coffee was terrible.  The meals looked overpriced.  The service was snooty, and I did not feel welcome.

The only credit I give them is for the lovely green juice.

Chou Chou Cafe

The best coffee in Playa del Carmen.  Yes, I saved the best for last.  The service was slow, but the coffee was worth it!

The almond croissant was gross and stale, but the quiche was very good.

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