Transit: Glasgow to Alicante

This was another smooth transit down to Spain, from about 10 degrees to 30 degrees.

In the morning, I decided to grab a massage.  My back was still sore from 3 days bumping up and down in the Highlands tour bus.  I found a fantastic little place called Relax.  The massage was awesome and only GBP35.  Well worth it.


Around lunchtime, I jumped on the train at Queens Park, transferred to the train at Glasgow Central for the 40 minute train journey down to Prestwick (Glasgow’s budget airport).


It was a stunning journey, with views of fields and beautiful wind turbines (57.7 per cent of Scotland’s electricity came from renewables in 2015 which creates 21,000 jobs – shame on Australia at 14.6%).

Arrival at Glasgow Prestwick

It was a short walk over to the airport, and surprisingly, the check in area was practically empty, making the “visa check” that Australian passport holders must do for Ryan Air very fast.


I’m not sure why, but the airport reminded me of Gold Coast airport in Australia.  Must be the quaintness, if such a word exists.

Coffee was available through Starbucks – meh – and lunch was the GBP1.60 Prawn Sandwich I brought along, bought in the morning from Tesco.

Security was less crazy/ severe than Stansted, which I was relieved about.

The flight boarded a little earlier than expected (so much for the Priority Boarding I purchased. Next time I won’t pay for that).

Flight to Alicante with Ryan Air


It was smooth and comfortable and right on time. And an enjoyable flight, even with the raucous and party-spirited people gents drinking  heavily on the flight making it feel like a College Summer Camp.


Welcome to Alicante

Customs was a little slow, with only 1 counter open for those who cannot use the Electronic Machines.

But after Customs, it was past the baggage carousels (tee hee) and out to the entrance area.  Following the signs to the local bus, and up a few escalators, the bus was at the exit.  Only EUR1.85 to go downtown – bargain.

20160727_195302 20160727_200543

Once downtown, reaching the Air bnb was easy.  I like Alicante.  It immediately feels like Summer!


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